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A pioneering initiative for the gastronomic tourism sector

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Rome [ENA] The World Tourism Organization, a United Nations specialized agency concerned with sustainable and universally accessible tourism, and Basque Culinary Center (BCC), have launched a pioneering initiative for the gastronomic tourism sector. It is a global call for startups or companies, with innovative ideas up to revolutionizing and combining gastronomy in tourism and inspiring tourists with

new ways and reasons to travel. Innovation and tourism investments are not ends in themselves, but are means to promote better tourism products, develop tourism governance and exploit its proven capability to foster sustainability, create jobs and generate opportunities. Basque Culinary Center is a pioneering academic institution worldwide that comprises the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences attached to Mondragon University and a Center for Innovation and Research, BCC Innovation. It is the first Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences in Spain and the only one in the world with an R&D centre. Its board also features 11 of the world’s leading chefs. The aim of Basque Culinary Centre is higher education, research,

innovation and promotion of gastronomy and food, and it is promoting gastronomy as a lever for socio-economic development through its actions. Furthermore, the Basque Culinary Center has created a technological centre for gastronomy, BCC Innovation. Its objectives are to convert knowledge into wealth, boost innovation in companies and to contribute enthusiastically in the creation of new businesses, thus guaranteeing the future of the sector. BCC Innovation supports entrepreneurs in the development of new business projects. Startups are invited to pitch business models that are connected to sustainability, respect the value chain, offer an authentic and coherent narrative, and add value to cultural and local heritage.

The winners of this competition will have the opportunity to present their projects at the 5th World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism (2-3 May 2019, San Sebastián, Spain), with the possibility of receiving personalized consulting and mentoring from the BCC experts of project accelerator Culinary Action! Full information on the terms and conditions are available at

The gastronomic tourism sector is moving towards innovation and the diversification of its offerings. Intangible cultural heritage has become the pivotal factor that appeals and enchants tourists. Gastronomy tourism, as a component and vehicle of culture and tradition, is an essential resource that adds value and provides solutions for destinations that seek to stand out through unique product offerings. Education and innovation are essential for the development of sustainable gastronomic tourism.

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