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International Symposium

Verantwortlicher Autor: Amir H. Taslimi Vienna, 09.09.2018, 00:10 Uhr
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Vienna [ENA] International Symposium on Communicating Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies to the Public Communicating effectively with the public and media about nuclear and radiological emergencies is a global challenge, which demands global and coordinated action. Producing the right message and disseminating it to the appropriate audience using the relevant channels and at the right time, all in order to support the .....

...effective implementation of protective actions and to minimize fear, require robust planning and preparedness. The rise of social media and citizen journalism as well as the acceleration of global communication have created both opportunities and challenges for nuclear communicators who need to plan, test, exercise, and adjust their activities to position themselves as the official voice of information for the public in an emergency.

This symposium will promote effective public communication during a nuclear or radiological emergency, and provide a forum for networking and information exchange. Participants will be invited to discuss the latest developments regarding communication with the public in a nuclear or radiological emergency, as well as to share their experiences and good practices, in order to further strengthen the preparedness of States and of the international community. 1–5 October 2018, Vienna, Austria Quelle: https://www.iaea.org/events/

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